2018.3.18 Crazy model day

2018.3.18 was my sister's graduation exhibition in school. I was one of  the six models she found.Actually, the sister is my junior sister's sister, it's a complected relationship.😂
       17th was clothes design group competition and 18th was accessory's.Both of these two days are preliminary competitions. That day my work was showing a brown and yellow honey case bag and a pair of bees ear rings which are really cute!😍
    In  the morning, we start to put a lot of makeup and do our hair.💄 It spent so much time to do with! It's a good thing that I brought book📕 to read during waiting for somebody helping me do my styling. There are two rehearsals in the afternoon👠. All the models need to exactly know when to go out, how long you have to stay at a spot and what type of post is better for showing the clothes, bags or accessories. A funny thing in that day is we found we were the shortest group in all the model.😂😂 We were like hobbits in a elves kingdom. …

2018 International workshop in Asia university 4.26-4.30

2018 International design workshop was held in March 26th to 30th. First day in the workshop
all the students were shocked by the workshop teacher who is Leeds university professor,
Micheal Hann, from the UK. He told us he don't allow students to be late. And if we were late, he don't
allow us to attend his class. Also no phone in the class, otherwise he will get angry. I remember one
day, he kicked out a student from the class because of using phone. So not using phone is a
significant thing to remember. Every day, he would teach us some theory of design, such as point, line, plane theory for one
hour. After one hour, he would let us go outside for getting some inspirations by ourselves. He loves
to take many photos. You can see when he shows you his camera len and proudly says
“Is Leica which means really good!”“taking a lot of pictures is always a good thing to get your
inspiration.”he said. Thus, we went to Guangfu village to take some photos. After we get en…
姚期智獲得過美國工業與應用數學學會波利亞獎(Pólya Prize),美國計算機協會演算法與計算理論分會(ACM SIGACT)高德納獎(Donald E.Knuth Prize)等榮譽。2000年,因為姚期智對計算理論,包括偽隨機數生成,密碼學與通信複雜性的諸多貢獻,美國計算機協會(ACM)授予他該年度的圖靈獎。
姚期智之妻儲楓(Frances Yao),2004年至2011年在香港城市大學電腦科學系擔任系主任。 資料來源:維基百科